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New Book by Garifuna American Educator FRANK PALACIO on the social networking website FACEBOOK

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment


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BEING GARIFUNA Blog Reaches Total Views/Readership Milestone

May 13, 2010 16 comments


Photo of TIO TEO by Teofilo Colon Jr.

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TIO TEO (Teofilo Colon Jr) is wiping the crumbs off his T-shirt after eating a celebratory snack of cassava bread after discovering that his BEING GARIFUNA blog reached (and passed) a milestone.  Here’s a brief interview with TIO TEO as he writes a little about the news regarding the BEING GARIFUNA blog.

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NEW BOOK on Teaching and Education Co-Authored by Garifuna Educator Frank Palacio (UPDATE–Interview with co-author)

February 21, 2010 25 comments

Middle Schoolin' BOOK COVER

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