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Garifuna News Headlines on June 3rd 2011

Copyright 2011 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

Click on the links to read about Garifuna News like:

Garifuna Woman CARMELA SARAVIA surviving a Deady Bus Crash in Virginia

Check Below to Read about More Garifuna News Items

Garifuna Dictionary Now Available for Smart Phones and Computer Tablets

CASA YURUMEIN Celebrating it’s THIRD Anniversary in the Bronx on June 4th 2011

Garifuna Storytelling Event at Brooklyn’s BIKO Center Starring JAMES LOVELL on June 10th 2011

Fourth Garifuna Catholic Assembly Taking Place in The Bronx on June 4th 2011

Video of Virginia Senator Mark R. Warner on The Dream Act (in Spanish)

Video of Garifuna Women SILVIA COLON and MARIANA SUAZO Singing Traditional Garifuna Songs at BAM Cafe in November 2010

Garifuna Singer Musician AURELIO MARTINEZ’s new album “Laru Beya” Makes International Music Charts.  Also VIDEO of AURELIO MARTINEZ performing in Belize in May 2011

Garifuna Dance Companies Celebrate 214 Years of Garifuna Heritage at Hostos in The Bronx in May 2011

Garifuna Organizations COMGARIGUA and Hondurans Against AIDS Inc Host Hudutu Party at CASA YURUMEIN in the Bronx in May 2011

Guatemalan President ALVARO COLOM CABALLEROS Meets With Guatemalan Garifuna Community to Discuss Land Rights Issues.

Garifuna Singer NINO ARZU To Perform in Seattle in May 2011

Tenth Anniversary of UNESCO Proclaiming The Garifuna Language Music and Dance as A Masterpiece Of The Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Garifuna Flava Restaurant Featured on Food Network Program in May 2011


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